Located on Praia da Vieira, just 800m from the sea, the OURO VERDE Hotel provides its guests with a unique environment where you can take a relaxing stroll along the seafront or along the seawall along the entire beach promenade or near the mouth of the beach. of the River Liz.

Facing the sea, the Hotel Estrela do Mar provides its customers with a unique environment. This unit is located next to the beach, from the rooms you can feel the breeze of the sea, hear the sound of the waves, see fishermen at work and the beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

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Praia da Vieira is actually an old fishermen’s beach and increasingly an excellent tourist and summer resort.

Along its beach are fishermen’s nets, the bright colors of sunshades and boats with long oars waiting for the adventure of the sea and the toil.

It is on summer days, early in the morning and at low tide, that fishermen go to sea. Only the women and the elderly are left on the beach, giving the boat the last impulse and holding the ropes of the nets.

With the force of oars, the boat advances in a semi-circle and the nets are thrown into the sea. When they return to land, everyone helps the fishermen to haul the net. Afterwards, when the fish is already shining on the beach, the auction is held and the joy and luck of the task are shared.